We are dedicated to fulfilling customer needs through competitive pricing and quality service.
We hire and retain the most experienced personnel in the industry.
Mountain Power is committed to serve the high voltage needs of its customers with the utmost emphasis on safety and quality.
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Mountain Power Construction is a full service contractor working on all aspects of the power line utility industry. Transmission, Distribution, Substation, overhead and underground. We own and maintain over 400 pieces of equipment. We own a number of specialized pieces of equipment, including two DH-60 LoDrills which are tracked diggers that can dig 12’ circumference holes up to 60’ deep. We have tracked FMC digger derricks for difficult access work, cable plows for plowing in UG cable. Other specialized equipment include pullers, tensioners and our latest addition a MD600 Helicopter. For over 25 years we have performed work throughout the western United States.

We have built a great group of people that perform at the highest levels this industry has to offer. We are not trying to be the biggest contractor, we want to be the best contractor.

We feel that having a strong core of people all working together with the same goals has really helped us develop and maintain a better level of safety and performance. Being more focused has helped elevate our awareness and focus and allowed us an excellent safety record, but we aren’t satisfied looking back at what is in the past. With safety we have a constant focus on improving, learning, adapting and getting better. There is never a time to let your guard down, or rest on your laurels.

Mountain Power Construction Co – Industry Involvement

Mountain Power puts a lot of effort into our industry to help create a better labor force emphasizing Safety, Training, and Union negotiations.

Positions held:

  • Western Line NECA
  • Montana State JATC Trust
  • Committee
  • Montana Negotiations Committee
  • Montana State JATC Sub Committee
  • Montana Tech Advisory Board
  • Northwest JATC Standards Committee
  • Northwest Line NECA
  • NWJATC Trust Committee
  • Board member for the HRA Trust Committee.

These positions we hold and commitments we make to our industry are a cornerstone of our belief that in order to improve the industry that you work in, you have to commit the time and resources to help advance it. We truly care about our industry and the people in it, and we step up to be involved to make a difference in improving our industry safety, labor force, and professionalism.

Our key employees have averaged over a decade with Mountain Power – we grow many of our key employees from within.

Mountain Power offers a service level that is unmatched in the industry, being a smaller company major decisions don’t have to go through multiple levels of management. The owners are directly involved with the superintendent and project management teams on the projects, making us very responsive to changes and concerns. We take care of problems immediately and pride ourselves on customer service. Our references will speak for themselves, we provide a higher level of service and quality than our competitors, our management is proud to be part of Mountain Power and it shows in the way they perform. We enjoy working with our customers with the common purpose of a safe and productive partnership.


We have a windmill that helps power our office.