Underground, With Trust Above All 

In this industry, the notion of trust is of paramount importance. You’ll take comfort knowing that our expertise and decades of experience allow us to get the job done right, with no surprises along the way. We can be relied on for all complete underground power and maintenance services - including electrical installation and boring, as well as civil construction and installation. Our project history includes the whole array of underground construction including cable placement, cable plowing, directional drilling and overhead-to-underground conversions. Our boring services are the ideal solution when trenching operations are too disruptive for roadways, neighborhoods or businesses. We are adept at boring up to and beyond 600 feet for power and fiber-optic lines.


Northern Lights (Northern Counties of Idaho)

  • Provide underground cable replacement crews from 1990 to present
  • Our crews replace between 75,000 and 100,000 feet per year using our plow cats, excavators and boring machines

Springdale-Hunters 25kV Overhead to Underground Conversion

  • Converted a three phase overhead line to an underground system
  • Installed 1.5 miles of three phase 25kV cable 
  • Installed four miles of single phase 25kV cable
  • Environmental concerns in the area required the use of our in house CESL and erosion control
  • Our crews completed this project on time using our plow cat, excavator, rock hammer and backhoes

Lake Chelan Sub Marine Cable Lake Crossing

  • Installed 2500 feet of 750MCM copper with lead sheathing three phase cable across Lake Chelan
  • Two bores of 150 feet of 8”schedule 80 at each bank of the lake with 100 feet of conduit running under the lake bottom
  • The cable was on a single reel weighing 65,000 pounds
  • A barge was used to transport the cable and payoff, under tension to the lake bottom
  • Scuba divers were used at each side of the lake to attach the reamer to the boring machine and to assist the cable into the conduit
  • Army Corps of Engineers and recreational use coordination was required
  • Our crews completed this project on time using a 27 Ton crane, a 200 Ton crane, a barge, a tug boat, flagging boats, a divers assist boat, a boring machine, an excavator and a D5 dozer