Proudly Overprotective 

Safety is a state of mind, and always top of mind, at Mountain Power Construction. One of our core values, it guides us every day in every effort - on all construction sites, in our offices, in our yards and in transit. Comprehensive in scope and continuous in outlook, Mountain Power’s safety program encompasses employee training, including site-specific safety orientations. We adhere to the safest construction practices and the highest standards of equipment maintenance. At Mountain Power, we make safety a company wide priority. Our aim is to maintain the safest work environment for everyone - clients, subcontractors, employees and the general public.

Mountain Power Construction strives for a zero level of accidents or incidents in our offices, mechanics’ shops, welding shop, and on all jobsites. Our safety committee and safety managers assist in keeping all employees, subcontractors and locations accident free. 

  • All crews conduct a weekly safety meeting with material provided by our safety director
  • All crews complete a daily tailboard/JHA (job hazard analysis) to ensure that everyone working on the jobsite is aware of any hazards 
  • All crews have an AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • Mountain Power drug tests all employees through the use of consortiums and private drug testers 
  • Mountain Power runs driver’s license checks on all employees
  • Our crews are in compliance with OSHA crane certification rules  
  • Our employees also have certifications that include CESCL (Certified Erosion and Sedimentation Control Lead), Hazwoper, flagger certification, OSHA competent person training, as well as many other certifications  
  • All crews are in compliance with and follow NECA Best Practices  
Our safety director/managers provide continuous support to our employees through:
  • 1st Aid/CPR/AED training
  • ET&D OSHA 10 and 20 hour training
  • Forklift training
  • Monthly crew training classes with material provided by NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association)
  • Hazard Communication training
  • 100% Fall Protection training

Our employees and safety personnel continue to receive training and certifications, all in a focused effort and to improve our safety practices.